An Overview of Fencing Materials


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An Overview of Fencing Materials

An Overview of Fencing MaterialsThere are at least three main reasons why homeowners decide to install fences around their property. The first one is security. To make sure that they won’t have any trespassing-related troubles, they can build a sturdy perimeter fence around their estate.

This keeps both intruders and stray animals at bay, thereby providing the household with that much-needed protection.

Second, fence systems enhance the value of a property. Homeowners who plan on selling their house can build a sturdy fence around it so they can command a higher rate. Last, decorative fences help beautify a home. They can be an attraction, and they can complement the architectural style of the house.

There are many types of fence systems, and they can vary from one country to another. To avoid confusion, they are sometimes classified according to function, style, and materials or construction.

The most famous ones are the following:

– picket fences,

– palisade,

– wire fences,

– hedges,

– walls,

– wooden fence,

An Overview of Fencing Materials Chain-Link Fences– balustrade,

– chain-link fences, and

– pole fences.

Some of these fences can be seen mostly in a large estate such as a farm or a ranch, while others can be prevalent in a suburban neighborhood. And in other countries, some homeowners have fences that are made from materials that are indigenous to the area.

Speaking of materials, fences can be constructed from a wide selection of objects. These objects have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the decision to use them can be based on a different criteria per homeowner. But usually, it’s based on what type of function the fence is intended to serve.

1. Concrete

Concrete fences are the favorite of homeowners whose main concern is their family’s privacy and security. Concrete is a sturdy material, and can stand the test of time. They can serve as a wall around the property and can be several meters high. They can also be decorated, painted, or combined with other materials such as bricks and slates to give them a unique texture.

2. Metal and iron

Metal fences are preferred by homeowners who want to combine visibility and safety. You can see these types of fences surrounding pool areas and gardens. They can also be installed for ornamental purposes. Aluminum, wrought iron, and other types of metals can be easily molded and transformed into beautiful fence systems with ornate designs.

3. Stones or rocks

Stones and rocks are one of the oldest fencing materials. They are readily available, they are very durable, and they last a long time. They can be sculpted to a particular shape, or they can be put one on top of the other to form a sturdy barricade.An Overview of Fencing Materials Bamboo Fences

4. Wood

Wood fences are a practical choice, are easy to set up and removed, and can be relatively cheap. That’s why log fences can be seen around ranches and other wide estates. In other parts of the globe, bamboo fences are a favorite especially in places where bamboo is abundant.

5. Composite materials

As technology becomes sophisticated, newer materials emerge. Some fence systems can be made from engineered wood, vinyl, and other composites.